Getting to Grand Teton National Park

Most people don't know that Jackson Hole is actually the name of the entire valley, with the town of Jackson situated at the southern end. All of our properties and facilities are located within Grand Teton National Park, just north of Jackson.

Lodging Addresses:

Jackson Lake Lodge: 101 Jackson Lake Lodge Road, Moran, WY, 83013

Colter Bay Village: 101 Colter Bay Village Road, Moran, WY 83013

Jenny Lake Lodge: Jenny Lake Road, Moose, WY 83012

Headwaters at Flagg Ranch: 100 Grassy Lake Road, Moran, WY 83013


Camping Addresses:

Colter Bay Village Campground and RV Park: 100 Colter Bay Village Campground Road, Moran, WY 83013

Jenny Lake Campground: Teton Park Road, Moose, WY 83012

Gros Ventre Campground: 100 Gros Ventre Campground Road, Kelly, WY 83011

Headwaters Campground: 100 Grassy Lake Road, Moran, WY 83013


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Park Transportation:

We offer complimentary guest shuttle throughout the park and to the town of Jackson. Stops include Jackson Lake Lodge, Colter Bay Village, the South Jenny Lake Visitor Center, and the town of Jackson.This service is provided on a first come basis.

Airport Transportation:

Jackson Hole Airport is located approximately 28 miles from Jackson Lake Lodge. Transportation options from the airport to our locations include car rental, taxi, Uber, and scheduling a private shuttle service (see executive services below.)


Rental Car Options:

The following rental car agencies are located on the airport grounds:

And the following agencies have locations in downtown Jackson (10 miles south of the airport):

Executive Services/Private Shuttles: (call for rates)

  • JH Shuttle (307) 200-1400 /
  • The Driver Provider (307) 733-4629
  • Mountain Resort Services (307)733-1112
  • Snake River Transportation (307) 413-9009
  • Teton Village Transport (307) 413-1200