Our Environmental Initiatives

Grand Teton National Park comes first. After all, our success depends on protecting the natural habitat and resources of the Park. In partnership with the National Park Service, we are dedicated to preserving the rivers, mountains, lakes and natural wildlife of the Jackson Hole valley for future guests and generations to enjoy. To prove that we hold this privileged stewardship in high priority, we have adopted an Environmental Management System that is certified to ISO 14001 standards (International Organization for Standardization). This certification holds us accountable through third-party audits to the high standards and practices we have set for renewable energy, pollution prevention, wildlife habitat protection, and environmental education. Our efforts in environmental protection have created several industry-leading initiatives that far exceed state and federal requirements. Furthermore, the Environmental Management System not only identified our significant environmental aspects as water use, transportation, and hazardous waste but also led us through the process to significantly reduce or eliminate the potential for environmental impacts in several other areas. As we have put our plan into practice, we have found that many of our partners and suppliers have adopted similar standards—further helping protect the scenic value of both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.


Our company-wide commitment to the environment is summarized by these principles followed by the employees of Grand Teton Lodge Company throughout all our eco-resort operations:

  1. It is a privilege to operate and serve the public inside Grand Teton National Park. We have a significant responsibility to protect and conserve the precious resources, wildlife habitat, and natural wonders around us.
  2. We are committed to being a leader in developing innovative programs and technologies that utilize renewable energy, conserve water and energy, prevent pollution, and eliminate waste.
  3. We are committed to public outreach that helps educate our staff and visitors about environmental conservation, ways to help, and to be respectful of the park ecosystem.
  4. Only by continually evaluating our environmental programs and their impact on the park can we be sure we are meeting our Company's environmental mission.
  5. Grand Teton Lodge Company is part of the community in the Jackson Hole valley. We will continue to always be mindful and responsive to the concerns and opinions of our neighbors.
  6. Our success as a company is dependent on and closely tied to the long-term health and preservation of Grand Teton National Park.

Grand Teton Lodge Company Sustainability Policy

In partnership with the National Park Service and local government agencies, National Park Hospitality Company is entrusted with visitor services and the stewardship of public lands within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Protecting and sustaining the natural environment is central to our Company’s mission, and to this end, our environmental values promote:

  • Energy and Water Conservation
  • Waste Management and Waste Diversion
  • Community Engagement
  • Protection of Wildlife Habitat
  • Environmental Education

Environmental excellence demands focusing on all elements of our operation. We actively track our environmental impacts. Recycling, resource reduction, and pollution prevention are our preferred methods to reduce the carbon footprint at our facilities. We strongly encourage this practice by our employees, guests, suppliers, and park visitors.

National Park Hospitality Company strives to meet or exceed all applicable federal, state and local environmental regulations and other requirements. We work to continuously improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system and we verify our performance through periodic conformance and compliance audits. To promote awareness, we are actively involved within the local community to promote environmental stewardship, charitable giving, and volunteerism. These actions confirm our commitment to sustainable business practices.

Through alignment of resources and management objectives with those of the National Park Service and community partners, we are unequivocally committed to preserve, conserve and protect the natural resources and scenic values of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.