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Grand Teton National Park is a wonder worth protecting. As a concessionaire in the park, Grand Teton Lodge Company is more than just dedicated—we are eco-visionaries in protecting this natural resource for future generations.

Our mission is to preserve, protect, and inspire. With an average 2.6 million Park visitors each year, we must actively seek to conserve resources and educate both guests and employees in order to reduce our impact on this remarkable location. We take this stewardship very seriously. That’s why we created our award-winning sustainability program called Envision™—meaning to picture in one’s mind. We hope you too can see how small changes can make a difference as you read about our efforts.

Envision is both a guide and a way to measure our progress. It communicates our long-term vision of sustainable efforts, and hopefully influences our guests, employees, and community to adopt similar habits. Envision is more than just a conservation effort, it directs management procedures, helps us provide exceptional daily service, and creates a health and safety plan for our employees and guests. 

Envision Policies

To substantiate our sustainability efforts, it is our policy to incorporate third party standards, audits and certifications. Our first step was to establish a management system based upon guidelines from the International Standards Organization (ISO), the world's largest standards developing organization. This leading organization forms a bridge between the public and private sectors providing standards that ensure desirable characteristics of products and services from quality, to safety and reliability.


Our Mission

Sharing the spirit of the Tetons with our guests and Park visitors. We do this:

  • In partnership with the National Park Service
  • By providing exceptional hospitality service reflecting the rich tradition of the Rockefeller vision
  • Delivering an un-paralleled environment for our employees that is healthy, safe and inspirational
  • Joining with our community in sustaining our natural environment, our western cultural heritage and our economic way of life

Envision Endowment

In 2005, we created the Envision Endowment as part of the 50th anniversary of Jackson Lake Lodge. The endowment’s charge is to support sustainable programs throughout our community. Since inception, the endowment has raised more than $50,000 through employee contributions, community events, and retail vendors. Beyond the contributions, our employees have given time and energy to support programs such as the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation, by aiding in the removal of more than 100 miles of barbed wire fencing that blocked wildlife migration. If you would like to join us and donate to the Envision Endowment, contact the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.