As a company we have realized the depth of influence our focus on sustainability has had within our culture. We selected the name "Envision" to reference this program. By definition, the word means "to picture in one's mind." Thus, the name represents our vision for the individual management systems, and communicates the long-term influence our sustainable efforts could have for our community, our employees and ultimately in setting an example for others.

We believe that through knowledge we can extend the reach of sustainable actions, and envision reduced impact in locations far beyond our corner in Grand Teton National Park.

It turns out everyone sees the big picture differently.  In this magnificent landscape it is hard not to understand we are all part of something bigger.  We definitely understand this at Grand Teton Lodge Company.  Our stewardship of these natural and cultural resources is as important as providing high quality visitor services, clean and comfortable accommodations, top notch dining and shopping. The Grand Teton Lodge Company Envision Program are the steps we take to ensure the success of this program.