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Rendezvous Murals


In the early 19th century, mountain men and Indians combed the Rocky Mountains, trapping beaver to supply the demand for exclusive top hats made from beaver fur.   At an annual gathering called a “Rendezvous”, trappers would sell their beaver pelts to buy supplies for the following years trapping.  In 1837, artist Alfred Jacob Miller chronicled his 2,400 mile round-trip to the Green River Rendezvous as well as the rowdy event itself.  He was the first artist to travel west of the continental divide and brought back approximately two hundred watercolor sketches of a land never seen by his fellow Americans.


More than a century later, in the 1950’s, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. sponsored a competition to paint murals for the newly built Jackson Lake Lodge.  Rockefeller chose “The Fur Traders and Trappers of the Early West” as the murals’ theme, recalling the mountain man period began in the wake of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery expedition.


Carl Roters, a professor of art at Syracuse University, won the commission; basing his murals on Miller’s sketches.  Roters’ project spanned two years and in 1959 the ten Rendezvous Mural panels were installed in the Mural Room of the Jackson Lake Lodge.  They accurately illustrate the 1837 Rendezvous, portraying the famous participants and span two walls of the restaurant - nearly twenty eight feet in length.   


The Rendezvous Murals, and the history of the times and people they portray, along with the adventures they experienced are presented in these 10 masterfully crafter panels.  Enjoy an equally masterfully created meal in the Jackson Lake Lodge Mural Room to fully embrace these historically significant murals.






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