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Grand Teton Lodge Company Health and Safety Policy

This is our commitment…

In partnership with the National Park Service, our role is to be stewards of Grand Teton National Park and to provide a safe and healthy experience for our visitors and employees through a health and safety program designed to prevent incidents that may cause harm to our employees, visitors, or guests.

We will:
Comply with all requirements of federal, state, and local laws and regulations that help protect visitors and employees.

Provide leadership and actively participate in educating Park visitors and employees with respect to health and safety issues.

Continually work to perfect practices, procedures, and reporting to maintain consistently high standards to prevent injury and illness for employees and visitors.

Ensure that supervisors are familiar with our health and safety programs and train employees accordingly; and, that we hold supervisors accountable for any incidents in their area of responsibility.

Require employees to follow all safety policies and procedures for performing their duties in a safe and professional manner.

Encourage employees who observe any unsafe conditions or actions to report them to their supervisor who will take immediate and appropriate measures necessary to eliminate such conditions.

Encourage our guests and visitors to share any safety concerns with a manager on duty.

Strive to ensure that any job or activity will not be undertaken until the safety of employees and visitors has been considered first and only encourage activities that promote a safe visit to the Park and our facilities.

We make this important commitment to you and to the success of our program.  Grand Teton Lodge Company is poised to remain a leader in providing a healthy and safe experience for people, while protecting the environment for future generations. In partnership with the National Park Service we see our role as a guardian of the Park and of those who choose to work and visit here.

Safety for Park visitors, guests, and employees is a core value of the Grand Teton Lodge Company.


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