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Last summer I went with my family to Grand Teton National Park.  I saw a lot of really cool animals.  My favorite were the buffalo and the moose.  I learned that I need to stay at least a football field away from the animals.

We stopped at the visitor's center in a place called Moose, WY.  We listened to a park ranger talk about bison.  They can weigh 2,000 pounds!  I also became a Junior Ranger and got a really cool patch.  If you want to become one too, just stop at any of the visitor's centers in the park.

We stayed at a place called Jackson Lake Lodge.  It was so much fun!  There was a very big swimming pool, and a playground (I played tag with my brother). 

We went to the Pioneer Grill for dessert and I got a Dusty Glacier.  It was the biggest ice cream sundae I have ever seen!  Then we took a walk up Lunch Tree Hill.  This guy named John D. Rockefeller used to eat his lunch up there and decided the place was so beautiful that he would give the land to the government to make a national park.

I hope we can go back to Grand Teton National Park next summer.

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